AlomWare Lights for Windows 10


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AlomWare Lights is a small app that shows the LED status of the Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys at the bottom-right corner of your PC's desktop (next to the clock).

This is handy for users whose keyboard does not have LED lights to show these states, such as various laptops and/or wireless keyboards.

Unlike other LED indicator apps, AlomWare Lights doesn't use a big hovering window that takes up desktop space or obscure other windows, and neither does it have any tedious setup or a million confusing customisation options. Its simplicity is what makes it great: anyone can use it immediately just by running it, and it always reliably shows the status of those LED keys at all times.

Version History for AlomWare Lights:
* Bugfix: Fixed "no disk" prompt that may appear by mistake